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Annual accounts Sofista Company file Observatoire du crédit
Declarations via CSSR Intrastat IDEP/GN8 Balance of payments
Declarations via OneGate Intrastat  IDEP/GN8  Balance of payments
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  • Online consultation of annual accounts
    This application enables you to consult the annual accounts or consolidated annual accounts filed with the National Bank of Belgium, and to find the addresses and company numbers of the companies and associations whose accounts have been filed.
  • Filing annual accounts
    You will find information here as to the filing of the annual accounts, such as the time-limits, the sanctions, the language of the annual accounts, the filing costs, the consolidated accounts ...
  • Sofista
    Sofista is software for drawing up and validating annual accounts formatted as a structured file.
  • Social balance sheet
    The social balance sheet holds specific information about the workforce: number of people employed, personnel movements, training ...
  • Declarations via OneGate
    OneGate is an application for on-line data collection.  
  • Intrastat
    Via the monthly intrastat declaration companies provide information about their intercommunity (intra-EU) flows of goods.
  • IDEP/GN8
    The National Bank provides free software to enable the firms required to supply statistics to complete their foreign trade declarations as efficiently as possible.
  • Balance of payments
    The balance of payments statistics constitute an important economic indicator which are included in the balance of payments for the euro area.

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