Central Credit Register

The Central Individual Credit Register
The Central Individual Credit Register is an instrument used to curb excessive indebtedness.  It records information on all loans contracted by natural persons for private purposes as well as any overdue debts relating to these loans. It is compulsory for lenders to consult the Central Individual Credit Register before granting any loans.
The Central Corporate Credit Register
The Central Corporate Credit Register (CCCR) registers the credits granted by banks and other types of finance institutions to enterprises, associations, the public sector,... as well as to independants. It offers the participants the opportunity to optimise the assessment of their credit risk and the National Bank to evaluate this assessment and the risks they can encounter.
Central point of contact
The Central Point of Contact (CPC) is a register of the bank account numbers and all types of contracts held at financial institutions in Belgium by both resident and non-resident natural or legal persons.
The Central Depositary for Protests
The information on the website of the Central Depository for Protests has been modified. We refer to the French or Dutch pages in order to see the most recent and up-to-date information.